Lucca. Or: believe in dreams, not Excel.

Lucca. Lucca is like coming home. Feel at home. Be at home. Since Decades. And now my paintings will be in that city. My city.

Born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1969, I can’t handle the Heimat issue there. Nor the feel-at-home-thing. But here, in Lucca, I got it.

1989, for the first time in this part of Italy, I explored Tuscany by train. Florence, Siena, Pistoia. Others. And Lucca.

To make a long story short: it was love on the first sight. Lucca gets, besides New York City, my favorite place in my holidays. And in my heart. Finding friends there. Feeling Heimat. And this coming-home-thing.

Starting to paint in October 2017, without any plans, my dream was to show my paintings in that city. Someday in the future.

Future is now. Today Lucca Art Fair will be open for the public. Thanks to my art manager Marco Antonio Patrizio, who found me on Instagram, six of my paintings are shown here.

So. Sometimes reality is nearer than your dreams can imagine. If they are driven by heart blood and not by an Excel sheet.